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Modern Global Piracy from Somalia to the South China Sea

  • Report of the Independent Expert on the situation of human rights in Somalia, Bahame Tom Nyanduga

    Extracts: Report Published 4 September 2014 “With regard to the security situation, the Independent Expert learned that Al-Shabaab still controlled vast territories, particularly in south central Somalia. With no effective control over large parts of the country, the Federal Government of Somalia was constrained in ensuring human rights for its population. The Independent Expert was […]


  • Pirate Attacks – November 2015

    Just when you thought that the Indian Ocean was safe there is news of two more attacks off Somalia. Somali pirates have attacked an Iranian and a Thai fishing vessel, the Thai fishing vessel avoided capture, but the Iranian boat with its 15 crew was taken off northern Somalia, and was reported as heading towards Hobyo. […]


  • Problems in the Bab el Mandeb Strait

    As I wrote in The New Pirates the Bab el Mandeb Strait is a key checkpoint through which maritime trade passes. All vessels using the Suez Canal must transit the Bab el Mandeb Strait at the southern entrance to The Red Sea. Recent events in Yemen have been largely seen by international observers in terms of the threat to […]


  • Problems with Puntland Oil Exploration?

    Red Emperor Resources NL announced in January 2015 that it has withdrawn from its joint venture in Puntland. It is reported that the company’s decision resulted from its failure to secure written assurances from the Somali Government that its joint venture was valid under new Somali hydrocarbon laws. Red Emperor said that the joint venture, which held an interest […]


  • The attempted taking of the PNS Zulfiqar

    It is a truth that piracy has been in decline over the past two years, particularly in the Indian Ocean and Gulf of Aden. Today the greatest threat to seamen comes from armed criminals gangs operating in South East Asia and West Africa, mostly attempting to steal oil from product tankers, or undertake robbery at […]


  • British Government Plans to Outlaw Ransom Payments

    On the 24th November 2014 The Guardian reported that, “Theresa May will amend law to close terror ransom loophole“. This report said that in the light of a review of the financing of terrorist organisations like ISIS that the UK Terrorism Act 2000, needs amending to ‘explicitly ban UK insurance and reinsurance firms from reimbursing […]


  • Report to UN Security Council Alleges Fraud by Somali Politicians

    15 July 2014 Reuters reported that UN Somalia and Eritrea Monitoring Group presented a secret report in July 2014 to the UN Security Council’s sanction committee which alleges that Somalia’s President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, his former foreign minister and an American law firm conspired to steal public funds by engaging in secret contracts that gave them hefty percentages […]


  • The New Pirates available from 4th September in UK

    Piracy is a significant global threat to international sea-borne trade – the life-blood of modern industrial economies and vital for world economic survival. The pirates of today are constantly in the world’s news media, preying on private and merchant shipping alike. Their targets range from small, private yachts – with harrowing stories of individuals faced […]


  • Remainder of MV Albedo’s crew escape

    7 June 2014 With help from a faction within the pirate group holding them 11 crewmen from the Malaysian-owned cargo vessel MV Albedo escaped their captors by breaking a window and running for more than 10 kilometres at night. They had been threatened with more torture starting on the 10th June and had been held prisoner […]


  • Kenyan Air Attacks in Jubba

    June 2014 – It has been reported that Kenyan fighter aircraft have attacked two locations in Anole and Kuday in the southern Lower Jubba region and killed at least 80 Al Shabaab fighters, according to the African Union mission in Somalia (AMISOM).  The press release said: “AMISOM forces have conducted airstrikes Anole and Kuday in the Lower Juba region as […]


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